Dealer Connect


Below are some phone numbers you may find helpful. If you need a loan payout please contact the financial institution directly.
We are always here to help. If you aren't getting the answers you need, feel free to email or call us at 1-800-811-3807.

Financial Institutions

Audi Finance: 1-888-412-2834
Bank of Montreal: 1-888-801-2282
Crelogix: 1-800-667-6640
CU Dealer Finance: 204-958-8728
Desjardins: 1-800-224-7737
Finance It: 1-888-536-3025
Honda Canada Finance: 1-800-387.5399
HSBC: 1-866-692-6671
Lendcare Capital Inc: 1-866-291-4045
National Bank of Canada: 1-888-835-6281
Royal Bank of Canada: 1-800-769-2511
Scotiabank: 1-888-777-6842
TD Financing Services: 1-800-563-3995
TD Homeworks Division: 1-800-650-8085
Laurentian Bank: 1-800-522-1846
Harley Davidson Credit: 1-800-364-2292

Warranty Claims:

Cornerstone Buyers Protection Plan: 1-800-774-9992
First Canadian Protection Plan Claims: 1-800-381-2580
IWS Warranty Claims 1-800-862-7184

SAL Protection Plan: 1-888-444-9989

Creditor Insurance Claims:

First Canadian Insurance: 1-800-561-3242
IWS Insurance 1-866-337-0408

SAL Group: 1-800-663-9498